Barefaced Stories

This post was written by Libby Klysz regular improviser with the Big Hoo Haa and now a regular listener of stories. You can hear Barefaced Stories at The Bird on the last Tuesday of every month or on RTR FM with Peter Barr each week. 

People who know me know that I love listening to stories. Especially stories about people’s lives. I love hearing about where people have come from and how that fits into today.

So Barefaced Stories is a pot underneath a rainbow for me: STORIES! Real stories! Lots of them!

The premise is simple: real people, telling real stories, without notes: just sharing their experiences with a group of people happy to listen.

It is one of the most engaging, entertaining and cathartic evenings currently on offer in P-Town. Where else do you go to hear real life escapades from journalists, explorers, lawyers, comedians and wrestlers- all in one sitting? You don’t have to be a trained performer to tell stories at Barefaced; some of the most fascinating and engaging tales have come from people with everyday jobs. It is a genuine privilege to listen to them all. Some are funny, some are sad, some are point blank ridiculous; but every story is entrancing in its own way. I have laughed till I cried. I’ve also just cried. I freaking love it, and get sucked in by the authenticity every time.

Every night is different as a new collection of people brave the mic and start talking for about six minutes on a loose theme. The line-up is a mix of predetermined storytellers and punters who have put their names in a hat.

Barefaced Stories is the brainchild of Andrea Gibbs and Kerry O’Sullivan. Hot on the heels of a successful pilot show during The Blue Room’s Summer Nights, this monthly show popped up at The Bird earlier this year. The capacity crowds during the recent Storytelling Battle are testament to the success of the show.

Barefaced Stories is on the last Tuesday of every month, at everyone’s favourite lounge room away from home: The Bird, 181 William St Northbridge. Doors at 7pm for an 8pm kick off. Entry is ten bucks, and worth every cent. For more details check

*Disclaimer: Yes, I have been known to tell the odd story at Barefaced Stories. But as far as I’m concerned, it’s the price I pay to listen to everyone else.

When: Last Tuesday of Every monht

Where:  The Bird, 181 William Street, Northbridge

Time:  8pm (doors open 7pm)



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