Pictures of Perth Love Tags

If you’ve tagged somewhere in Perth you can email your picture of it to us at perthiloveyou (at) and we’ll post it up here. You can also upload them to our Facebook Fanpage or Tweet them to us!

To date we have sent out over 500 love-tags (some even went to other states) and have no plans to stop anytime soon! If you want to get tagging read the ‘how to’ here.

Here are some tags we have so far 😉

Where: Kitch Why: Thanks to Briony for sending in this tag photo, she got the tag from Ruth @ Cabin Fever. She tied it to the gate at Kitch (who’s food she adores)

Where: Takas Why: Dear Takas I love you and your food and the cheap awesome price of it !! mmm… and your fans in the summer…

Where: Venn – Shop, Gallery, Bar + Cafe &  Studios Why: A whole wall of Perth tags… too much love to list, you’ll have to go see them for yourself…

Where: Rosemount Who: From Hannah

Where: Planet Books Who: From Anne Why: Dear Planet Books,
You are everything a good bookstore should be. Great range, comfy chairs, open late, and completely unpretentious. Online and chain bookstores don’t hold a candle to you. ♥ Anne

Where: Toast Who: Anne Why: Dear Toast, I’m in love. Your food is amazing, your cafe is the perfect blend of cosy warmth and modern retro, and your staff are lovely. You rock my breakfast socks. ♥ Anne

Where: Cabin Fever Why: Because of your hot chocolate and cookies (they the bomb) Thank you.
Where: 50ml, Leederville Why: Thank you for your amazing coffees, for so many things to look at whilst enjoying the coffees & CAKEWHICHES!

 Where: Curtin Uni Bench Who: Pia

Where: Curtin Who: Pia


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