Tea anyone? Chapels on Whatley

This post has been written by Gab Barnes, student and self diagnosed tea addict of Perth.

I love tea.

Tea in all its forms, I’d say on average that I drink at least six cups a day. Some might say that that is too much, but I don’t care, as I probably have an addiction. And really, what’s better than being addicted to something so delicious, with no fat and heaps of antioxidants?

I’m yet to hear of a single fatality from overconsumption of tea. So for me, Chapels on Whatley is heaven.

Recent renovations have transformed it from a quirky store filled to the brim with Chinese antiques and various other China-related goods, to an amazing café ideal for tea lovers everywhere. At Chapels you pay $5.50 for tea, which gives you unlimited quantities in however many types of tea you care to drink. And they have quite a range!

My preference is Green, but they also have Black, White, Oolong, Flower and Pu-Erh. I have no idea what Pu-Erh tea is, so I’m excited to try it next time I go. Obviously they have coffee and an array of delicious foods for breakfast and ‘brunch’. I tried the Korean vegetable pancakes and they were extremely tasty.

On top of this, they still sell all the same products that they did before. Amazing candles, tables, crazy slipper things…there is a lot. Plus teapots and cups of all different shapes and sizes, and actual tea. Some time soon I hope to attend one of their tea tastings.

I am so proud of Perth for producing such an amazing café, most particularly one that serves so much of my favourite beverage, and with such style.

Where: 196 Whatley Crescent, Maylands 6051, opposite Maylands Train Station

Website: www.chapelsonwhatley.com.au/

Opening Hours: Open six days, 8.00am – 5.00pm, closed on Tuesday. To avoid disappointment book for breakfast on weekends.

Contact: 08 9272 7738


2 thoughts on “Tea anyone? Chapels on Whatley

  1. I was so happy when they morphed into a cafe! I love what Maylands is growing into – when I moved here many of the stores around Chapels were sitting empty. Now they are filled with the most delicious, delicate and delightful treasures! I will miss being so close to it all when I move in a few months. But I now have a glass teapot and some silk oolong tea to take with me 🙂

  2. Wow, I’ve just written down the address for “Out on a Limb” at 194 Whatley and then I fall across this post for a delightful looking place right next door… I think my next Saturday Saunter has to be up to Maylands.. fate?

    BTW… I’d love to add you to my growing list of Perth/WA based crafty and creative bloggers over here:


    Have a great day!

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