Category Descriptions

On the right hand side of this Blog you will see a list of different categories.

This is our attempt at grouping the post into different types of things we like.

Some categories that exist already are:

Site Updates – general updates to what’s happening with the blog or contributors etc 🙂

Cafe – a good place for a coffee, chat or lunch

Kid Friendly – a bit of extra effort made to accommodate those of us closer to table height

Some  categories that may be coming soon are:


Public places

Natural wonders

Ethically/environmentally aware

If you have more categories that you would like to see up here please leave a comment on this page. Or leave a message on our Facebook Page or Twitter or email the administrator (email can be found on the ‘About‘ page).

If you love Perth as much as we do you can get free tags sent out to you so you can tag Perth with love 😉 Click here for the blog post explaining how to get your tags and upload them onto our Fanpage.


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