Text Shots, what?

Text Shots is an odd name for a cafe. But then this isn’t your standard cafe.

I only found Text Shots recently, and I live half a block from it!

Nearby Angove Street is well known for it’s good coffee shops, but this cafe is easily missed as it’s a few blocks down on Scarborough Beach Road. Text Shots is wedged between Nandos and some modern shops, opposite the big BP on Scarborough Beach Road.  It’s a neat simple layout of red and grey interior, local gig posters, photos of local regulars, magazines and menu’s are all you’ll find on the wall.

It’s called Text Shots because you can text them with your order (on 0448 874 687) and by the time you arrive they’ve usually made your coffee ready to go. No waiting in long lines to order then 10 minute waits for coffee… genius!

Plus unlike most ‘convenient coffee’  or ‘drive by’ cafes the coffee is actually amazing. They use 5 Senses coffee and every cup is made with love and attention. All the coffee goes into BioCups which seems to be better for the environment somehow (according to the writing on the boxes) and if you’re a coffee addict they sell ‘coffee cards’ for $20 (6 coffees!)… genius!

Free wireless and great staff also make this a favourite for me to do my lap-top work from time to time. The staff are just beautiful, friendly and hilarious. Sometimes it’s hard to find a great cafe with staff who aren’t ‘too cool’ to serve you. These guys are the bomb and keep the cafe in order even when it gets busy.

And the food is tops too.

I’m not going to go on about Text Shots much more.

Best to keep this post simple and to the point, because that’s what Text Shots is like.

Simple, logical and personal. I like!

Coffee bean artworks on the wall

Colouring in books for kids!

Photo wall of the regular customers and locals


3 thoughts on “Text Shots, what?

  1. I found TxtShots to be a huge dissapointment. I ordered a soy cap and when it arrived at my table it wasn’t even filled to the top of the cup!

    I thought the food was over-priced for what your received and the atmosphere impersonal and try-hard-ish


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