TV Park!

At the recent Wild West Comedy Festival a US comedian, Tom Rhodes, spent a couple of minutes of his closing gala spot making fun of Perth people and their complaining about Perth.

I can’t remember it verbatim, but his parody of Perth people went along the lines of:

“Oh no, not ANOTHER perfect day, I just can’t handle it. MORE sunshine and fresh air? I think I want to kill myself”

And he expressed his surprise that Perth could be so down on itself, when he thought it was such a great place.

This week a local comic told me Tom Rhodes had really enjoyed his time in Perth, and one of the things he’d thought was particularly hilarious and unique was seeing a giant TV in a local park. Which he then dubbed TV PARK! A park that a lot of us walk past on our way to restaurants, clubs, pubs or just the train station…that just happens to have a giant TV in it.

It’s official name is the ‘Northbridge Piazza‘ but from now on I’m using the new name of ‘TV Park’, courtesy of Tom Rhodes.

Calling it TV Park makes it feel like a giant lounge-room, and it’s kind of what it is… just without the roof and with a few extra strangers round. The people that hang out there are often as relaxed as they’d be at home, stretched out on the grass, using the free wireless, chatting to friends, or enjoying whatever is on the screen.

Often it’s showing random sports broadcasts, train timetables or just TV, but they’ve also got programmed events, local films and other things happening which you can find out about here.

Every Wednesday they show a feature film, and every Saturday they show kids content. If you go on the right night you can grab one of their free beanbags to get comfortable, or if you’re around during the day get some shade under the little huts.

If you want snacks you can grab food from any of the surrounding restaurants, or the Corner Cafe (under the screen) and dig in without worrying about spilling food on the (grass) carpet.

Try it out sometime. It’s not every day you see a giant TV in a park, unless you live in Perth.

Where: Corner of James and Lake Streets, Northbridge

When: The screen is on 24/7, 7 days a week, but for particular screening info visit


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