Love of Libraries

During my final year of high school I would spend countless hours on the third floor of the WA State Library. I would take a seat by the window and arrange my books in a uniform manner on the desk. I was ready for the hours of study ahead of me. Well at least I would look like I was studying hard, more often than not my mind would wander to what I was going to have for lunch or why the pigeon on the ledge looks like it only has one eye.

The state library is a lovely place to go for peace, quiet and books…lots of them. The internet is also freely available. You can hop on to an express terminal or make a booking if you need longer than 15 minutes. The library even offers a free wifi system that you can connect to. What I think is really cool is that even when the library is closed on public holidays, you will often find people lined outside with their laptops, frantically finishing essays or setting up Facebook events. How many places can offer you a free service even when they are closed?

I love that you can borrow books; all for FREE. It’s free to join if you are a WA resident, all you need is proof of identity and current residential address. You can take home a bunch of goodies and the only restraint is that you will have to return them at some point. So once you read the book you can give it back and it gets passed on to another punter. But what you get to keep is the story, the ideas or that little piece of information that you didn’t know before. Even if you manage to somehow get nothing from the items you borrowed, as long as you return them on time, it won’t cost you a thing.

If the state library is a little too far out of the way for you, maybe you can pop down to your local library? Just as good, only smaller.

Where: 25 Francis Street
Perth Cultural Centre, Perth (a short walk from Perth train station)

When: Monday – Thursday    9.00am – 8.00pm
Friday    9.00am – 5.30pm
Saturday – Sunday    10.00am – 5.30pm
Closed on all Public Holidays from July 1, 2009



One thought on “Love of Libraries

  1. Totally… Since becoming a mum I’ve rediscovered my local library, mainly the kids section. Fantastically helpful staff, free toys to play with, chilled atmosphere, heaps of books etc. I love going there when I’m getting stressed with the kids, just let them roam ans sit back to relax. Fun chairs, dvds etc… All great. And they are all over Perth!

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