Luna Leederville’s secret cafe

Ok it’s not a secret, but it feels like it is.

This evening I was walking down Oxford Street, looking for a quiet place to read a book but all the cafes were packed. I kept wandering up the street, not really sure where I was going but hoping I might find a table in a corner of somewhere.

Then I saw it.

This cafe is like something from a Harry Potter movie. A cute, odd-ball place that you always forget is there until you see it again.

Hidden beside Luna Cinema (actually attached to Luna Cinema) is a corridor of red seats, pot plants, fresh coffee and art-postcards. It’s the Luna Cafe. It’s across the traffic lights, down the road from the busiest part of Oxford Street – so there aren’t many passers by – and for almost an hour I had the cafe largely to myself.

Because it’s part of the cinema it’s mostly quiet until there is a rush of movie-watchers showing their tickets and looking for cinemas. Occasionally it’s a stopping point for them as they grab a coffee before or after a movie. If you’re interested you can listen in as they walk out of the movie and catch snippets of their 2-second-movie-reviews.

“I really enjoyed that”


“It was a bit heavy going at the start”

As a bonus they also have arcade games as tables (!!) and very sweet staff.

Where: On Oxford street next to Luna Cinema (ask the Luna staff if you can’t find it), Luna Cinema 155 Oxford Street, Cnr Vincent Street.

Opening Hours: 6pm – 9.30pm (they open when the busier movie times are)

Links: Luna Cinemas, Leederville


One thought on “Luna Leederville’s secret cafe

  1. You should point out that they cant actually serve you alcohol unless you have a valid cinema ticket but you can drink all the coffee you like!

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