Old Love Presents

This is a guest article by Emma Zammit, who has recently moved to Perth from Sydney.

Perth, I love you.

I have only been living here for 7 months. After moving from the hustle and bustle that is Sydney, I was welcomed to Perth like a mate who has had a few beers. A lazy arm slung over my shoulder and a slurred “you are going to love it here”, and I do.

Moving to a new state is just as daunting as moving to a new country. You still need a street directory because every street is so foreign. You need to pick up the state lingo and language. There are different types of food to explore. Do you know that we don’t have cream cheese in Sydney…oh no wait. Yes we do.

In my exploration of Perth I have been fortunate to find little stores that have made my heart burst. One in particular was a little shop in Subiaco called Old Love.

Old Love to me represents Perth’s cool culture and what sets it apart from other states. It is a unique store whose owner has been collecting all types of things from the 50’s and 60’s such as books, beds, quilts, tea towels and postage stamps. Her love for all things vintage inspired her to open up her own store. From there she has turned the tea towles into cute little clutch bags, the postage stamps into necklaces, old records into ashtrays and much more.

Do yourself a favour and instead of buying your next present at Myer, pop into Old Love Presents instead and you will find someone a little treasure.

Where: Village Close,Denis Street, Subiaco

Phone: 08 9388 6668

Website: www.oldlovepresents.com


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