New-blog 🙂 hooray! So… to welcome in the New Year we have our first guest blog from Bethan who started another Perth blog

Here you go…

When asked to come up with a place I love in Perth, I was torn. I’m new to the city and there’s lots I’ve yet to experience, so no doubt whatever I choose I’ll have new things soon I wish I could have written about.

Having said that, I’m pretty sure this place will forever have a soft spot with me, as it was my first evening meal out in the city and I love recommending it to people as it’s quite unique.

Annalakshmi, named after the Indian goddess of food, is in Barrack square, right by the Swan Bell Tower. We heard about it through my fiancés colleague (Thanks Mohit!) as we were still in trauma over the cost of everything (I thought London was the most expensive place to live, how wrong I was…) Hearing we were stuck eating sandwiches and pasta at our East Perth backpackers he suggested we go down as it’s ‘eat as you like and pay as you feel’. This sounded too good to be true, but it was perfect for our lean wallets and empty tummies.

When you arrive at this Indian restaurant, you’re greeted by a member of the team who are generally very welcoming, elderly ladies and gentlemen. You choose a (slightly rickety) table to sit at and are directed to the buffet to help yourself, but not take more than you need.

There are all manner of vegetarian delights on offer – lentils, vegetables, chickpeas, beans. Nothing is labelled, but doesn’t really need to be. Everything is mild to medium hot, veggie and tasty. What more do you need to know? It always reminds of the dinners given out at the Hare Krishna tent at Glastonbury festival. Happy times and good, filling food.

As a huge fan of Indian food, I always love a large selection. A few poppadums or some mango chutney wouldn’t go amiss, but I guess that misses the point of the place.

The philosophy of pay as you feel attracts all sorts of customers – curious tourists, big families, locals with a little and those with a lot. Because its an alcohol free environment there is none of the boorish behaviour that characterised late nights at the curry houses back home in Brick Lane, London. Everyone seems to respect the ethos of the place. We usually pay about $10, but others give much more and some pay with the few coins they have.

No matter what your donation, you get a warm smile and a thank you and leave with a little glow inside. There are lots of good people in the world, and some of them can definitely be found in Annalakshmi.

Where: Jetty No. 4, Barrack Street, Perth 6000

Open: Tuesday – Sunday (Closed all day on Mondays), Lunch: 12:00pm – 2:00pm (no lunch on Saturdays), Dinner: 6:30pm – 9:00pm


Bookings: Please call (08) 9221 3003 to make your booking



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