Tag Perth With Love

If you love someone, you should tell them…

That’s why we thought we should find more ways to tell places in Perth that we love them.

And by ‘we’ we mean ‘you’ 😉

That’s why we will be sending out FREE tags that you can address to your favourite places in Perth with messages of why you like (love) them so much.

It could be your local cafe, a bar you can’t resist or a park bench you eat your lunch on.

We only have a limited number so follow these simple steps to get tagging.


1.Get a tag

Email perthiloveyou@gmail.com with your name, postal address and the number of tags you’d like (feel free to pass onto friends) and we’ll send them out to you.

2. Address with love

Write the place in Perth and why you love it on the tag.

3. Leave or share

You are welcome to leave it there for as long as it lasts, or if you want to share the love you can take a photo and send it to us to put up on the blog.


And just so you know…

This is really just for the love of it. We are not using this to promote  the ‘Perth, I Love You’ blog – the tags don’t have any link to this blog or any websites, just space for you to write your messages.

This idea came from one of our contributors – Ofa Fotu.


Want to be more involved?

Postage is expensive. So if you own a small shop, venue or place that can give out tags for free too please get in contact and we’ll send you a mini-stack of tags and list you on our blog so people can collect them from you.



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