Hobart Deli

This is a blog by Anna Macoboy who also blogs from her shop Mr Sparrow.

I did star jumps when I found Hobart Deli!

That’s the unattributed quote on the back of their promotional postcards, but if I was a star-jumping sort, that’s certainly what I would have done when I discovered this awesome little number.

Hobart Deli is a sweet little cafe on a particularly lovely corner of North Perth, with a nice, friendly park across the road and lots of sunshine flooding in.  It’s a real neighbourhood cafe, stuck in the middle of suburbia like the much-loved corner delis of my childhood.

Lovely big shared tables and benches fill the small space, and shelves are stocked with books, cards, and a small selection of gifts and toys.  The fit-out is fabulous – low-key but with all the right elements:  good paint job, great light fittings and nice old tables.

There are cabinets full of delicious-looking treats and an inventive breakfast menu. I’ve been twice for coffee and once for breakfast. My bacon and egg wrap had a bunch of other fancy things thrown in and was extremely tasty. The coffee has never blown me away but has improved each time I’ve been, so it’s bound to reach blow-away status soon.

None of this really matters, though. The real reason to go to Hobart Deli is the atmosphere. It feels like the sort of place you’d take a stroll to on a Sunday morning, find yourself bumping into friends and neighbours, and end up spending most of the day there. And as long as you save a seat for me, that suits me fine!

Where: 45A Hobart Street, North Perth WA

Phone: 08 9444 8686

Email: hobartdeli@gmail.com

Opening Hours: Monday – Friday 7-5, Weekends 7-4
Soon it will be opening for dinner on Thursday nights only


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