Little Willys

Like it’s name suggests… Little Willys is a cosy, gem of a coffee shop on William Street. It’s a recent opening, so new that the correct signage had only been put up recently. Before the “Little Willys” chalked sign, the old sign from a past business still hung in it’s place. I think it was an Italian eatery or something of the like.

Aside from the friendly, prompt service, the good coffee and the laid back music on offer, there’s something about this place that makes my heart fill with warmth and calm. Maybe it’s the herbs resting in recycled oil tins, the cool leaf thing that the barista signs your coffee with or the table by the window that lets you peek into the lives of those wandering by. I’m not sure what it is, perhaps you can pinpoint it for me if you ever visit.

People would stop in front the cafe with curiosity, scrutinize the menu and deliberate over whether they should stay or move along. I found myself willing them to come in, to stay. You won’t regret it, I thought.

So if you are ever near the corner of Aberdeen St and William St, you should discover Little Willys cafe. Little in name but not in nature.

Where: 267 William St, Northbridge

Open: Mon-Fri 6:00am-3:00pm


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