Charlies Corner (Cafe)

Our first proper post! Of many, many to come…

Place: Charlies Corner (Cafe), West Leederville

It seemed natural that the first post for this blog would be a cafe where a few of the contributors (and potential contributors) have spent many a morning coffee giggling and scheming – but which would still be relatively unknown to anyone who isn’t a local.

There are lots of amazing cafes that people have already recommended that we should post up here (and we most certainly will!) but this one gets our first mention because it’s so sweet, unexpected and hidden (!).

Charlies Corner Cafe is an old house converted into a cafe off the main road in West Leederville. It doesn’t go overboard on decor or style accessories – it’s just sunny tables and comfortable couches (an old lounge-room forms part of the cafe out the back).

Charlie himself is there whenever it’s open (if he’s not then the cafe closes when the whole family are on holiday) and will probably greet with you a big grin while you try to decide which savoury tart, fresh roll or cooked breakfast to eat that day. It’s a family affair with Charlies wife Maria just as much a part of the atmosphere (and often the magic touch to the meals that are prepared), his mum Rosa (who lives around the corner) also often around  – helping or chatting to cafe visitors and occasionally his daughter even comes in to give a hand.

I grew up in West Leederville and when I was a kid I remember this corner house has being the local sweets shop, deli or some other corner-store business but Charlies Corner is the one that’s stood the test the of time and the locals love it!

There are often families and kids running around  – there are toys floating around in the lounge area if you need to distract a toddler – and local kids artwork is placed on the wall of the cafe (the ultimate honour for an artist under 10).

(above) The feature wall of kids pictures

Charlie can tell you most of what’s going on in the suburb and when there’s a quiet break he’s more than happy to chat.

There are powerpoints for laptops (at the right tables) and free wireless if you ask for the password. If you want to book the couch room for meetings you can check in with Charlie to make sure it’s free – or just rock up and take your chances 🙂 on a weekday it’s often available  anyway.

(above) the lounge area that’s often free and can be used for meetings too

On top of all of this it’s easy to find parking because it’s the backstreets of a quiet suburb and it’s also walking distance from West Leederville train station and Leederville/Subiaco train  station (bit of a longer walk).

If you’re not sure what you want ask Charlie to surprise you and he’ll come up with a suggestion. If you play your cards right and give him a big grin you might even get the occasional surprise lollie after your coffee, and if you become a regular you’ll practically feel part of the family.

There is a lot of love here, you’ll always feel good after being at Charlies.

(above) Charlie having a chat with regular Janice.

Charlies Corner

DESCRIPTION All day dine in breakfast from 8.30am daily – closing times vary (usually 2pm/4pm or 12noon – see below)

ADDRESS 58 St Leonards Avenue, Cnr Woolwich Street, West Leederville

Open 7am – 2pm Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday

Open 7am – 12 midday, Saturday & Sunday

Closed – public holidays

LINKS There is a Facebook group started by a local across the road here.

CONTACT Phone 08 9388 8741        Email

OTHER INFO Free wireless internet, meeting room (couches), outside tables, gourmet home-style food, all day breakfast, toys for kids available


(above) yum!

(above) Food that’s good for the soul

(above) Outside tables – perfect on a sunny day

(above) Some of the food available – more that’s not on the menu is there as well (see above pictures)


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